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Here are some Answers

Here are answers to some of the most common questions that parents are asking. You can also submit a question of your own if you'd like. Ultimately, we want to address any concerns and welcome your feedback!

Where does your milk come from?

Bears milk come from the super cows of The Alps. Grass-fed and free to roam, these cows produces the best milk in the world straight to your kids!

How often is Bears Nutrition meant to be taken?

For best results, your child should take Bears twice daily. First thing in the morning and last thing before bed.

Are there any artificial colorings, flavorings, sweeteners or preservatives in the drink?

All sweeteners come from natural sources.

What is the youngest age to give Bears to?

We recommend age 4.

Can Bears be used as a meal supplement or just as an additional source of protein?

Bears can be used for both!

Are there any nutrients or vitamins in Bears that might not be absorbed because they are combined with other nutrients that block that uptake?

Avoid citrus an hour before or after drinking Bears. It will reduce absorption of calcium.

Do you plan on creating more flavors?

Yes! Get ready for some unique fantastic flavors!

Is the drinks still safe if I left it in my hot car?

Bears milk is pasteurized and sealed for protection. Although we don’t recommend drinking it warm, Bears is safe to drink at high temperatures as well as cold!

How long can I leave the bottle open?

Refrigerate after opening. Otherwise, up to an hour.

When can you get it to be USDA certified organic?

Although our milk are currently EU certified organic, we are working on getting the rest of our sources to be organic.

Is Bears gluten free?


When is the best time to drink Bears?

First thing in the morning on an empty stomach and last thing for the body to slowly absorb throughout the night.

Why don’t you have a larger version? My kid drinks a pack of 8 a day.

Yes, we are definitely working on this!

Can adults drink this?

Absolutely! Mix it with coffee or in your smoothies for an extra nutrient boost.

I'm a retailer interested in stocking Bears Nutrition in my store. Who should I contact?

We love working with retailers and provide unique value add to our category.  You can reach us via Hubba at: https://referrals.hubba.com/t/benu@4U, or email us at support@bearsnutrition.com

How does the introduction of Bears Nutrition milk in the diet affect nutritional needs?

Bears intended mission was to provide kids the needed boost throughout the day for busy parents.

It looks like the drink is catered to very active kids, how can those considered fairly sedentary benefit?

We still recommend the child to continue our products for nutrition and the boost will give children the energy they need to become active.

I'm a firm believer in fulfilling nutritional needs via consumption of real food, isn't that better than adding supplements to milk for my kids?

We also agree that children should fulfil nutritional needs via consumption of real food! We absolutely do not want to replace meals. However, in reality, this is often not the case, especially with busy working parents and an active child. Our goal is to supplement proper nutrition that children often lack today.

My child already gets a lot of protein through their diet. How much is too much?

According to the FDA, 2 to 3 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight is a good general guideline. Most children do not get the recommended daily amount.

Does it taste good?

Absolutely!. Over 200 children have helped create the taste profile of Bears and the number of children wanting the product everyday keeps growing.

Is it healthy?

Yes! The nutrient profile was developed by a world-class pediatric nutritionist. You can see all the necessary nutrients by clicking on this link

How does subscription work?

The default subscription is set on a monthly basis. You can change frequency settings here


We sincerely hope that you will join our community of caring and busy parents who want the best for our kids, both for their own good and for their own enjoyment! Have a click to learn more about how proper nutrition impacts your child. If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us or check the FAQ.